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  • Magnolia extract

    【Name】: Honokiol ,Magnolol ,Magnolia extract. 【Source】: The bark of Magnolia officinalis or Magnolia officinalis Rehd. 【Specification】: Honokiol 2%-90%; Magnolol 2%-90%. 【Description】: ...

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  • Atropa Belladonna extract

    【Name】: Hyoscyamine , Atropa Belladonna liquid extract, 【Source】: Plants of Solanaceaes Atropa Belladonna L. 【Specification】: Hyoscyamine 0.7%-0.8%; 1.4%-1.6% 【Description】: Brown liqui...

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  • Cacao extract

    【Name】: Theobromine , Cocoa Extract 【Source】:The fruit of Theobroma cacao L. 【Specification】: Theobromine 6-20% 【Description】: Light-brown powder 【Analytical Method】: HPLC 【Acti...

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  • Ginger extract

    【Name】: Gingerol ,Ginger extract 【Source】: Fresh stems and roots of Zingiber officinale 【Specification】: Gingerols 5% 【Description】: Yellowish to brown powder 【Analytical Method】:...

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  • black cohosh extract

    【Name】: Black Cohosh extract, Triterpenoides Saponis 【Source】: Stem and root of Cimicifuga Romose L.s 【Specification】: Triterpenoides Saponis 2.5-8% 【Description】: Dark-brown Powder; Tr...

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  • Horsetail extract

    【Name】: Horsetail extract 【Source】: Stalk and leaf of Equisetum arvense L 【Specification】: Silica 7% 【Description】: Yellowish brown powder. The active ingredient is Silica. 【Analytica...

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  • Boswellic Acid

    【Name】: Boswellic Acid , Boswellia Serrate extract 【Source】: Dry gum seeped from Boswellia carterii, or B. bhaw dajiana .or B. neglecta 【Specification】: Boswellic Acid 65-70%; 10:1 【Descr...

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  • Artichoke extract

    Product Name: Artichoke extract [Source]: Leaf of Cynara scolymus L [Specification]: 2.5-5% (Cynarin、Chlorogenic Acid、caffeoylquinic acid) [Description] Grey to yellow powder. The most active c...

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  • Tribulus terrestris extract

    【Name】: Saponins,Franosterols, Tribulus terrestris extract 【Source】: Dry mature fruit of Tribulas terrestris 【Specification】: Saponins 40%, 70% and 90% 【Description】: Brown powder; Ac...

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